Why Choose Us?

"We believe very strongly in the importance of play in a horse’s emotional and physical well being," says Equi-Spirit™ creator, Lisa Ross-Williams and Kenny Williams. "But our horses were literally going through various balls in a matter of a few minutes. Our horse Riley seemed on mission to pop whatever inflated toy he could, either by biting them or laying on them,” says Lisa. "We became committed to finding a horse play ball that could hold up, but there were none on the market that could offer any durability. So we located reliable manufacturers, and created Equi-spirit. We found other people were having the same durability issues, so it was a hit!"

Lisa, We have been so impressed with your Equi-Spirit balls and the horses, especially our two year old, absolutely love them! Not only is it perfect for exercise, agility, and muscle building, but even more importantly, it is fun and stimulating. Our horses are often in training for years and we always try to find ways to keep them interested so they are enjoying what they learn. We wish we had thought of incorporating these balls into their daily routine long ago, especially when they are young and still growing. Also, we cannot say enough great things about how wonderful you have been with your customer service and attention, so we feel it is the least we can do.

Kind Regards,

About Us

Lisa Ross-Williams


Equi-Spirit Toys & Tools came to be all because of a 2 week old orphan foal we saved from auction in 2000. After nursing him back to healthy, Riley showed the highest play drive we had ever seen in a horse. However, he literally would destroy every toy, often within 10 minutes. Add Elvis, a rescue Percheron/Paint colt in 2001 and we really were spending a lot of money to keep our horses amused.

Being educators for a Natural horse Care approach, we believe strongly in the importance of play in a horse's emotional and physical well-being. Realizing there were not any durable horse play balls on the market, we found reliable manufacturers and created Equi-Spirit.

Although we sell our horse play toys all over the world, we still run all operations ourselves out of our ranch in Prescott, Arizona. We focus on great customer service and quality horse play products.